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I’m an avid watcher of American Idol ever since the 5th season since, prior to that season, I could only catch a glimpse of the show thanks to the fact that the service provider we have doesn’t have the station that airs it before. Anyways, today, the coveted Judges Save was finally used and thankfully, it wasn’t used on Lil Rounds.

I really don’t like Lil, and I probably wouldn’t like her no matter what. She’s too presumptious and annoying for my taste and I basically don’t like people who think too highly of themselves as she does. I’m happy for Matt G. who won the Judges Save and was not elliminated tonight despite having the lowest number of votes. Unfortunately, the use of that Judges Save means that two idol hopefuls would be going home next week.

It was something that Simon reminded them of. And another bad news that went along with it is that it would be Disco Week, next week. Of course, for Danny and Adam as well as Allison, that won’t be much of a problem. Those three are all talented singers that can adapt to whatever the week throws at them.

I really hope that Lil gets booted out soon. I would rather choose Anoop than her. Heck, I would rather choose any of the elliminated contestants than vouch for her. She has overstayed her welcome in the competition and it is about time that she gets kicked out of it.

Anyways, I would be praying for Danny, Adam, and Allison. I hope they would be the Top 3 of this year’s American Idol competition.

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