Memories in the Rain

About 4 years and a couple of months ago, I transferred from Sacred Heart College to AMA Computer College. My parents, after thinking it through figured that the best school for me would be a school that really is all about computers… after all, that’s what my chosen course was about.

I honestly wasn’t too happy transferring to that school since I preferred a different school. I quite honestly wanted to study in Informatics, another computer school but since a family friend of ours stated that AMA would be a better choice, I didn’t have a say on the matter any more. And so, I had to stop attending school for a semester since back then the school wasn’t accepting new enrollees/transfer students since they said that the term had already started. Of course, right now, AMA doesn’t care if you’re a late enrollee/transferee since they would accept you no matter what (*sigh* which makes me think how unfair it was during the time my parents and I inquired).

Being a transfer student wasn’t easy. I didn’t know anyone and I was unsure of how people act there. Afterall, all my elementary and highschool days, the people around me — my classmates, were all people I’ve grown accustomed to. This new leap and sudden change that I find myself in was a lot different than that of my first day in College while I was studying in Sacred Heart College — a school where most of my batchmates from Maryhill College went to.

Anyways, I was never a person who was buddies with their teachers. I don’t know why but I tend to be shy when facing them, lol, it may sound funny but I guess that’s because of how distant I saw teachers were supposed to be while studying in Maryhill College. It didn’t change when I first enterred the AMACC Lucena Campus building. I thought that teachers from my past schools would be the same as the teachers that I would be meeting in my new school.

Another dilemma I found myself facing was on thinking of how I should act with these new faces. All of them, even the freshmen students like me, are already familiar with one another thanks to the one semester. Having only 3 subjects at that time (since I was not allowed to take any of the other subjects that had prerequisites in them) did not help either.

That feeling of being the “new girl” is really frustrating. The feeling of being left out whenever they were laughing with me not knowing what the heck their laughing about is annoying for me as well. I figured, after my first day of attending that school, that the rest of my four years of college life there would be the same.

It may sound like a sad thing but actually, I could not have been more wrong.

The people there weren’t confined to their own cliched status quos and groups. They were actually pretty friendly and the next day they helped me get around my classes and even told me a bit of information concerning my professors and future professors as well. My thoughts on the school being the same as any other schools with the class being divided into seperate “barkadas” and with me not fitting right in was suddenly dashed, no, make it double-stroked, out.

Of course, as soon as I find myself feeling comfortable around the people there, something just HAD to happen! Don’t take me wrong, this event that occured about a week later, is not a bad thing per-se. Anyways, I’ll try to remember how it went and tell you guys about it…

I think it was about sometime in the afternoon, a week after I’ve enrolled and another week after classes became regular (yes, my alma-matter had a thing back then about regular classes starting a week after the announced date of the start of classes). I was sitting quietly on the bench situated on the third floor corridor just adjacent to the door leading to RM 302. I was minding my own bussiness wondering how long it was before the class inside the room would be finished and my own class would start. I think I was even humming to myself back then, lol. When suddenly the door bursted open and a professor walked out.

I looked up to see that it was a male professor. He smiled then as I was debating on myself on whether I should stand up and head inside the room, he turned around and faced the people in the room. They were freshmen like me and they were my classmates on those three subjects that I have. That professor, who grew to be one of my favorite professors and mentors — a person I definitely won’t be able to forget for as long as I live, called out someone’s name . He then turned to face me and asked for my name (since I wasn’t part of any of his classes that year) then turned around again and relayed it to that first person he called and the class started to make a ruckus. I was clueless as to what the deal was about at that time but it didn’t take too long before one of the people in that class gave me a heads up on what the deal was. Turns out, that professor was making fun of that person he called in the room (at that time) who happened to have a, as that friend of mine said (and I quote),  “thing” for me.

I can’t remember clearly if that professor also introduced that person to me during that time as my memory of those days are a bit foggy.

Anyways, I became that professor’s student a couple of months later as I was finally allowed to take the subjects that I missed and which were not credited. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t worried after all the things I heard about him and the way he blurts things out which surprises me (most of the time) during classes. I was also worried of the recitations (graded or not) since, although I am pretty knowledgeable and quite a good student in my own right, I have always been afraid of those graded recitations where you had to speak out your answer in front of the whole class whose eyes are focused on you. I’m afraid because I always have the darn luck of being able to know the answer to everyone else’s questions save the question that I drawed for myself. Unfortunately, my luck in lucky draws hasn’t changed but as luck would also have it, I was rarely called save for those occassions that that professor wanted to actually pinpoint us and counts like crazy just making sure we’d be the one answering his question.

Of course, since at that time, that professor already knew so much about me thanks to the rumors and whatnot circulating in the campus and the fact that he seems to really know a lot about his students, I was among the “lucky” ones whom he always teases. It was embarrassing at times but once you get used to it, it’s actually quite entertaining (especially if you’re not the target of his “pang-aasar”).

My college days did not only introduce me to one of the people who taught me a lot in the field that I have taken and who became one of my favorite professors. It also introduced me to a couple of other professors who are very knowledgeable in theif field and who are also thinking of their students’ well-being. Out of all the professors I’ve encounted in AMACC Lucena Campus, I can say that there are 4 professors who I absolutely will never forget. The first was the professor that I have stated above, Mr. Platon, the three others are Mr. Corpuz, another professor for the CS/IT department, Mrs. Abella and Mrs. Santellices, my professors in English and Chemistry/Physics/Math respectively.

Among the memories I have of that school as well was of being ellected as a CSS Officer on my first year there. I was so surprised and grateful for it since, during my elementary and highschool days, I was never ellected for anything. I was thankful that the people who thought of putting me in that position believed that I was capable of doing something. I am also thankful for the professors there who also believed in the capabilities of their students and who helped us grow to be respectable people. I, at first, had my reservations on becomming a CSS Officer, and a secretary to boot, since I didn’t know what officers were supposed to do, what’s more, I was surrounded by fellow officers who were my senpai and who were obviously a lot more used to the responsibilities that were given to us. I thought that I would be the one who would be holding everyone back but as it turns out, the other officers were really ‘senpais’ in a sense that not only are they of a higher year than me but they were also my mentors who taught me the ropes of being an officer. Of course, Mr. Platon also taught me a lot since he was the one handling the Computer Studies Society.

After my CSS term ended, I was also nominated and elected as a SSC Councilor. I don’t know if I did a great job of it but no matter what, those things that I learned from being a part of the Student Council will certainly be things that I would be cherishing for the rest of my life.

Of course, at that time, I’ve also made a lot of friends. Friends that even after 4 years are still my friends (at least, I still believe them to be my friends, lol). I have a lot of memories in that building. I know I’ve made a lot of friends and even a couple of enemies for myself , lol.  I had a lot of firsts there, none of them are negative things save for the first major anger issue I had thanks to two females who I will forever think as ‘antagonists’ in my college life and who ruined a very important thing for me. I had my first nomination, first winning election, first suitor, first love, first hate, first professor that I trully respect, lol. There’s a lot more than that, but let’s just keep it there… unfortunately, for those who are wondering, I never had my first boyfriend there, lol.


Moving away from that and seeing as how long this had turned out to be I might as well put something deep and meaningful here.

(NOTE: This was taken from my novel, I am putting it here as I see that this is the best way and the best pharagraph to end this post. Also, because of the meaning it conveys, I absolutely love this piece of quotation from my novel.)

Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence. Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance. Autumn passes and onen remember’s one’s reverence. Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverence.

No one can stop the river flowing much like how nobody can stop the flow of time, but a moment captured in the frame of the heart will never disappear. Memories. They can be vague and foggy sometimes. There may be good memories and bad memories but I’ve learned that they’re both just as important. Our memories make us who we are today and who we will become in the future.

These memories that I’ve gathered from my college days — the good times, the bad, the funny and enjoyable times, the sad and tear-jerking times, the disappontments, the misunderstandings that I’ve been throught, everything that I’ve managed to survive through all these time — I will never forget those memories and those people who have been and who still are a part of my life.

All of us may have to go our separate paths. This time, it’s not like highschool. It’s not right to say that we’ve already made the path to the future that we’ll have to walk on… that’s really not the case when it comes to the end of our college lives. It’s not right to say that our future begins here as well for our future had already begun long before. I think, what’s right to say is that college and the rest of our school-lives have helped mold us. They have taught us not just the lessons concerning our fields but also about life and now that it’s over, it’s time to take the test of life and see how much we’ve learned and how well we’ve been equipped.

We may fall and stumble. We may be criticized for what we do and put down by people who have some form of ‘crab mentality’. Things may not work out the first time but it would be safe to remember that just because it did’t work the first couple of times doesn’t mean there’ s no hope of it working at all.

People think that once we’ve stepped out of college, we can no longer dream big things. That dreaming has ended and the time has come to wake up (so they say). But the truth is, the dreaming doesn’t end. We can always dream big dreams and make our way to them. Dreams are like stars, you see, you may never touch them but if you follow them they can, may, and will lead you to your “destiny” — what you’ve always wanted to accomplish, all you need to do is have courage. For courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.

There is nothing more that I enjoy doing than reading books and writing. I'm kind of a nerd like that, XD. I have been writing for 7 years and am the author of the YA novel "Winged: The Awakening" and "Winged: The Unraveling". Also, a YouTuber dealing with video games and gaming.

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