Naruto 445 Up!

Well, after a wonderful week with my graduation and after winning another Animax contest (hooray for me!), we have another good news with the Naruto manga being updated with it’s latest chapter, Chapter 445: Top of the World. A chapter made available and ready for download by heading to our Naruto Manga Dowloads Page.

Well, there’s nothing worth mentioning in this chapter since, like the previous one, it is pretty boring. It only follows through with Pein’s life story up to a point. Although Pein’s reminscing of the past is still not over,  we can bet that it would take quite a few chapters before we can see some more action from Naruto Uzumaki himself.

Anyways, just read the chapter if you want. Head to the Downloads Page and download it from there.

That’s all for now seeing as we won’t be having any TRC or xxxHolic updates this week. Ja ne!

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