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Well, I had thought that CLAMP would be taking a short break from their work as mangakas but it seems that I was mistaken as they recently released the 180th chapter of xxxHolic. Unlike the boring update we got from Naruto, xxxHolic seems to be building up its strong ending.

In the 180th chapter (that we unfortunately am still unable to host in this site), Wataknuki manages to finish the request given to him. In short, he has managed to fulfill the girl’s wish of learning how to cook, and in the process, teaching the girl what cooking trully meant. However, at the mention of Yuuko-san’s name, the girl was confused at who Watanuki was talking about stating that the only person in that shop whom she met was Watanuki.

This, of course, confused our hero. Finding it strange and unfathomable, he and Doumeki begins to head home. Soon after, however, they met up with the twins (who, if people would remember, were the ones Yuuko showed Watanuki about the power of words) and after asking the duo (Watanuki and Doumeki) if they want to have tea with them, in which Watanuki replies that he has to return to the shop lest Yuuko-san ends up being angry. At this, the twins asked him the same question the girl asked Watanuki: “Where is Yuuko-san.”

Watanuki, without waiting for another word from the twins nor from Doumeki, leaves in a hurry and heads to the shop wondering what the heck was happening and why those people, whom Yuuko-san had helped, failed to remember her. He sees the shop (which he had feared had disappeared) and upon entering its gates, found himself in a pitch dark place. And that is where CLAMP decides to cut the chapter short.

Unlike the Naruto update, the xxxHolic really made you want to continue on reading and wish that CLAMP had doubled, heck, even tripled the pages of their update next week.

Questions continue to pile up for Watanuki, though… Where is Yuuko-san? Why can’t those people remember her? And where did he get transported to now? Are just amongst the questions that readers of xxxHolic are anticipating answers for.

Anyways, that’s enough for this short albeit quite juicy summary of the xxxHolic update. Moving on to some more things at hand, I have continued work on the TRC video game that I have placed on halt a few years back. I’m still thinking on what battle system to use for this one, but the story and the graphical aspect of the game are going along great.

So, what to expect from this game project that has been revived? Well, for one, it would follow closely on the manga with the episodes in the anime that are not in the manga also being a part of the game. It would not only be a TRC game but players would, from time to time, be able to control Watanuki and the others from the xxxHolic universe as xxxHolic and TRC are, after all, closely tied in together.

Now, just because I revived this game does not mean that I would be cancelling in on my other projects. On the contrary, this game would be released AFTER the completion of the first EC game as only by finishing the game would players be able to get the code needed to download the TRC game (lol, yep, I know. I can be quite devious some times).

Well, that’s all for now. Sadly, CLAMP didn’t surprise us with an unexpected TRC chapter. Hopefully, this new week before us would give us that chapter, lol. Ja ne!

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  1. Izumi says:

    i have a few questions concerning the projects. i’ll ask them away via e-mails. BTW, there’s a little surprise i think u might be interested in. ^_^

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