Month: May 2009

The Flower of Hope

Yeah, yeah… I know. This update came a bit late. I have a good reason for that, though. My family and I went to Manila earlier today and so I had no time to update. But still, better late than

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Chapter 56 of RotM UP!

Well, I think I was able to hold onto my promise of delivering another Rabbit on the Moon update with this newest chapter, chapter 56: “The Fang That Wants Blood”.

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The Remaining Law

Well, this is certainly an early TRC and xxxHolic update, which was brought to us by a scanlation group called, “Fail”.  Thanks to Fail, we get to read the most racent TRC and xxxHolic chapters.  It’s one of the most

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No Boundaries Lyrics

Everyone’s still living in the ‘After Idol’ hype, and the same could be said with me as well.  As such, I’ve personally decided to get the lyrics of this year’s finale song which is co-written by Kara DioGuardi.  The song

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Well, it seems that Naruto is really back in the game. With the 448th chapter brought to us by Kishimoto-san and SleepyFans, we get to see a pre-conclusion between the discussion of both Naruto and Nagato/Pein.

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