I Just Wanted to Protect Them

After what seems like forever, Japan’s Golden Week is finally over and once again mangakas and manga-publishing magazines are printing out copies of everyone’s favorite mangas such as One Piece, Reborn, Bleach, and of course, Naruto. Which brings us to this week’s update with the 446th chapter entitled ‘I Just Wanted to Protect Them’.

This chapter still continues through with the history of Pein and how the Ninja World came to be. It also brings to light just how much of an influence Jiraiya was to Nagato himself.  The whole 17 pages of the Naruto manga update revolved around Naruto listening and being surprised by Nagato’s past. I think Kishimoto-san really wanted the readers to be symphatetic to Nagato’s group and to add more drama to the whole arc.

Anyways, this chapter, like always, is made available in our Naruto Manga Download Page for everyone to enjoy. Kudos to our translators and providers for this chapter. With that said, I’m closing this update for now. I still have an appointment to the dentist and time is running short. So, ja ne!

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