xxxHolic 181 Review

Finally, I knew that once the newest chapter of TRC was out, it would only take a few more hours for the xxxHolic to be released as well.  And it was worth the wait with this latest xxxHolic chapter brought to us by CLAMP.

Anyways, the chapter follows up on what happens to Watanuki as he enters the shop hoping to find Yuuko-san and stumbling into the darkness.  Of course, Watanuki brings out a conclusion that he must be dreaming and wonders when he actually fell asleep this time.

It was much to his surprise, and the surprise of the readers as well, when Yuuko-san finally shows up in a xxxHolic chapter, and in an unexpected way — being tied up by the same black gooey stuff that was holding on to Sakura from TRC.

Of course, this surprised Watanuki and Yuuko states to him that this is no dream.  Of course, Watanuki demands an explanation.  From there, a lot of words were said which basically deals with Watanuki’s true feelings and the hint that the clones from the recent chapter of TRC had finally made a choice — as to what the choice was, well, it wasn’t stated in this chapter of xxxHolic.

Anyways, Watanuki’s outburst really was an emotional one and can draw readers into the story very well. It would really seem that xxxHolic is almost at an end.

Anyways, this chapter was worth the wait as I have said. The next chapter according to CLAMP would be released on the 25th of May.

My thoughts on this chapter? It was like WOW! I feel sorry for Watanuki and Yuuko-san.  And it’s like a big question mark as to what would happen next.

Anyways, that’s basically it for this update. I’m pretty much caught up with a lot of things, lol. So until next time, ja ne!

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