RotM Chapter UPDATE!!

After months and months of no Rabbit on the Moon updates, I have finally done it and updated the fanfic for everyone’s reading pleasure.  The chapter is readable in its usual place, which is, of course, FFN, for everyone who wants to read it.

This week’s chapter, entitled, “The Valley of Mist and the Mirror of Truth” is awaited chapter that continues on where the previous chapter left off and is much overdue in waiting.
So, what does this chapter entail? Well, for one, a quick look at the prophecy that will shape the Endlessian Chronicle game, which is the prequel to the Rabbit on the Moon story.  That’s just about all I can say about this update.  Give it a read if you are curious as to what else is instored in it.

With that said, hopefully I have made a couple of people happy about the update. Hope you guys R&R (read and review) the chapter. I’ll be waiting for feedbacks.

On a different note, Adam Lambert got beaten by Kris Allen with Allen taking the American Idol title.  That was some surprise (at least to some people).  You gotta hand it to the fans though, base on the performances, Adam and Kris are on totally different levels from one another.  Performance-wise I would’ve bet on Adam to win since his vocal prowess is beyond that of Kris who was stagerring a bit in the ‘No Barricade’ song. Oh well, until next time…Ja ne!

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