Well, it seems that Naruto is really back in the game. With the 448th chapter brought to us by Kishimoto-san and SleepyFans, we get to see a pre-conclusion between the discussion of both Naruto and Nagato/Pein.

If you’re as curious as I was when I recieved the mail indicating that a new chapter was released, then head on over to our Naruto Manga Downloads page and download chapter 448 which was given the title, ‘Memento’.

This chapter shows us a sort of glimpse behind the history of Jiraiya-sama’s book, ‘The Gutsy Ninja’. His inspiration on writing it and the emphasis on Naruto’s name as well, which we already know that Jiraiya made as the name of the hero in his book and Minato gave it to his son.

We are, however, given another cliffhanger from Kishimoto-san. Makes you want to read the next chapter at once.

Naruto is not the only manga that updated this week as we get the full blast of updates from Shonen Jump which included BLEACH, One Piece, and such. Detective Conan has also been updated with its lates chapter.  Anyways, I’m still waiting for the update on TRC and xxxHolic. But, I promise I’d let you guys know at immediately once the updates have been made. ‘Til then, enjoy the 448th chapter of Naruto.

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