The Remaining Law

Well, this is certainly an early TRC and xxxHolic update, which was brought to us by a scanlation group called, “Fail”.  Thanks to Fail, we get to read the most racent TRC and xxxHolic chapters.  It’s one of the most emotional chapters to date and the TRC can be downloaded via our TRC Manga Downloads Page.

Unfortunately, I still don’t have the ‘GO’ Signal to go and upload the xxxHolic manga for everyone. 

Anyways, this week’s TRC chapter finishes off with Yuuko accomplishing her remaining tasks and the clones making a choice on what they are going to do.  As to what that choice is, you guys would have to read the manga chapter.  And as for what that choice brought about, well, that’s still left to be determined though I already have my own guesses.  What about you guys?


As for the xxxHolic chapter, Yuuko finally voices out her wish to Watanuki whom she considers as a very important person in her ‘life’.  Also, this chapter is very emotional as Yuuko finally disappears and Watanuki, albeit his wish of not having to see spirits and spirits no longer being attached to him was granted, could only cry as he promises to fuflill Yuuko-san’s wish.  What was Yuuko’s ultimate wish to Watanuki?  For Watanuki to continue living.  In short, for his existence to continue on living despite the fact that he is but a shadow of the REAL Syaoran (alright, so that’s not the shorter version of an explanation for Yuuko-san’s wish).

Such a bitter sweet moment for TRC and xxxHolic.  However, one can feverishly hope that we have not seen the last of Yuuko-san.

With that said, that’s all the manga updates we have for this week.  Hope you guys are anticipating the future chapter releases from our favorite mangas as well. Ja ne!

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