Month: June 2009

That Just Ain't Right

It has been a day since Micheal “The King of Pop” Jackson passed away — and all too suddenly, if I may add.  But, in such a short span of time, countless people have gathered to pay tribute to this

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Naruto Chapter 453 and Other Things….

Well, after one of the most eventful and shocking day in the history — so to speak — we have another manga update for Naruto.  This time, chapter 453: The Night Before the Five Kages Meet opens up a new

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Watashi no Kokoro… Unlock!!

Have you ever hidden your true self to people in fear that they would not accept you?  Have you ever dreamed of a would-be self? I was bombarded with these questions upon rewatching the adventure of Amu and I begin

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Triple Update!

Well, this post should actually be entitled, “Double Update” but since I’m including the Chronicles of Time update, I decided to change it to ‘Triple’.  That being said, this week, we have 2 manga updates: Chapter 452 of Naruto: Closing

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Eightfold Illusions PART 7 Now Up!!

Well, after almost half a year of no Chronicles of Time: Cyber World updates, I have finally managed to update the said fanfic with the latest of the Eightfold Illusions saga! Chapter 54 of Chronicles of Time: Cyber World is

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