Chapter 450 of Naruto Now UP!

Well, I was certainly wondering if the Naruto manga chapter would be up today since I had feared otherwise but, thankfully, my worries were of no use as we now have the 450th chapter of Naruto available for download by anyone who wants to download them by heading over to our Naruto Manga Downloads Page.

This week’s chapter, entitled, “The Joyful Village” shows Naruto’s return to the village of Konoha which he saved and the welcome he recieved from everyone, including Sakura-chan, who gave Naruto a warm hug that would certainly make NaruSaku fans overjoyed.

New and drastic changes are taking place in Konoha and Akatsuki as well as Tsunade falls into a Coma after having used her jutsu far too long and Akatsuki seeks a new member to fill Pein’s place.
That’s all I can say about this week’s chapter. If you want to find out more, simply download it and enjoy the great manga read. Sadly, we still do not have any updates from xxxHolic and TRC — two of the mangas that I have constantly anticipated an update for. Don’t worry though, as soon as a new chapter from those two mangas comes out, I’ll inform you guys at once. Until then, Ja ne!

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