Dealing With Sasuke

Albeit One Piece was the first of the Shonen Jump Triad to be released, there is no need to fret as the 451st chapter of Naruto had also finally been released for all to read today and is available for download at the usual place — the Naruto Manga Downloads Page.

This newest chapter, entitled, “Dealing With Sasuke” shows some returning characters in the form of Tazuna and Inari from the Wave Saga (remember, the whole saga about the bridge-thing). Inari sure have grown alot since he, Sakura and Naruto last met.¬† Of course, as they met with Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi both Inari and his grandfather wonders where Sasuke was and Naruto tells them that he and Sasuke had a fight which caused Sasuke to leave the village but he assures them that he will bring him back.

While all of this is happening, it is to note that Sasuke is already on his way to the village of Konoha which is being rebuilt — slowly but efficiently, after being ravaged by Pein and Naruto’s demon fox, Kyuubi.

Apart from that this chapter also shows how much Naruto has yet again matured over the course of his battle with Pein and also finally allowed Naruto and Sakura (as well as Kakashi) to learn that Danzo is the new Hokage and has ordered the extermination of Sasuke as a missing nin, which leads us to wonder how Naruto will then react to this order given by the sleazy Danzo creep — yes, I hold no love for that character.

That’s about all the update on the Manga department we have for now. Sadly, still no xxxHolic update. *sigh* And I was even looking forward to that too…

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