Eightfold Illusions PART 7 Now Up!!

Well, after almost half a year of no Chronicles of Time: Cyber World updates, I have finally managed to update the said fanfic with the latest of the Eightfold Illusions saga! Chapter 54 of Chronicles of Time: Cyber World is now up for reading!

I don’t know where to start about this chapter but, it strays from the theme of showing what’s going on with the Spirit Shinkers by just a bit.  Of course, that’s all the info I can divulge without spoiling the chapter to those who are probably reading it and reading this too.
Like always, the newest chapter can be found in Fanfiction.Net.  For those who are a bit on the lazy side right now, here’s the link to the newest chapter.  I hope you guys enjoy it!  Of course, don’t forget to review the story by pressing the review button at the end of the story.  The next CoT:CW update will be on friday if things goes according to plan *crosses fingers*.

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