Ooh! The Horror!

It has been three days since my last visit to the dentist. Three days since I had my braces (for my teeth, of course). I knew that having them on would be hard but, I did not dare imagine it would be THIS hard!

My sister, the one who came after me, has braces too.  She had hers for some time now (perhaps years even, but I can’t really remember when she had hers put on) and so I knew what I would be getting myself into when the dentist told me that I would need to get braces. I was all like, “How bad can it be?”.  Sure I knew that it would, to some extent, change my looks but hey, I care much about my dental hygiene to let this just pass me through.  My mom also agreed that I do need to take such measures.

Thus, three days ago, the braces were (painfully) placed on my lower set of teeth.  At the moment, I only have braces on my lower teeth as they are the ones that actually do need some fixing.  I had thought that since it would just be half my teeth on braces it wouldn’t be that hard. Oh, how wrong could I possiblty be?

In those three days, I have not had a decent meal.  Every bite I took made my teeth (the ones with braces, the lower set) ache so badly that it felt like they would all snap.  What’s worst is that for the past three days, the food that my mom cook for us were amongst my list of favorite foods. It felt like torture! We even have my favorite fruits (save for strawberries) lined up and had veggie salad but I couldn’t eat them as I can only eat those foods that are soft and don’t need much chewing. Arg! It’s annoying!

What’s more, brushing my teeth is a pain! If it hurts with just chewing, imagine it hurting as well when brushing my teeth. It’s driving me crazy! *sigh* And I can’t even eat as much as I was eating a week ago, which were A LOT to say the least.

My sister told me that it would take a while, probably a week before the pain goes away but I hope it would come sooner than that.  I want to enjoy my meals once again and be able to eat the way that I could back when I don’t have braces four days ago.  My dad even joked about going to an all you can eat buffet with me… lol, if only I didn’t have these braces then I would have taken him on his offer.

Unfortunately, for the time being, it seems that I had placed a seal on eating all that I want to eat thanks to the braces acting as a sensor and shooting out instances of pain in my teeth every time I bite something.

Oh well, I guess this comes as a package to the deal. I suppose I would need to bear it — of course, I don’t have much of a choice now, do I?

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