Triple Update!

Well, this post should actually be entitled, “Double Update” but since I’m including the Chronicles of Time update, I decided to change it to ‘Triple’.  That being said, this week, we have 2 manga updates: Chapter 452 of Naruto: Closing in on Danzo, and Chapter 223 of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: The Days of Happiness is now available to download in the Naruto Manga Downloads Page and the TRC Downloads Page.

First up, what’s in-store for the Naruto update? Well, another battle ensues but is quick to end with Naruto learning that Sasuke is already part of the Akatsuki.  Danzo also gives directions to Sai to watch Naruto’s actions and report any wierd actions to him. Sai tells that he is unable to speak about Danzo because of a seal placed on his tongue and a Kage meeting is coming up on the next chapter.

For the TRC update, I was right in my guess that the clone Syaoran is the real father of the Real Syaoran.  Yuuko-san made it so that the clones of Sakura and Syaoran would meet and give birth to the real Syaoran.  This chapter tells of a brief summary of the life that the two led and finally shows what the clones looked like once they got old. CLAMP sure did make a splending roundabout turn with this, though it was something that I have foreseen they would do when the whole deal with Yuuko came up in the story.  Unfortunately, xxxHolic is still dead on the updates and there would be no TRC updates next week… *sigh*

As for the third update, the CoT: Cyber World update, I managed to keep my promise, ne? The new update can be read here. That’s all I am to say about that so you all just go and read what the newest chapter is all about.

Well, I’m pretty tired since I just arrived from Manila after going with my mom to a meeting. Anyways, enjoy your weekends everyone~!

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