Naruto Chapter 453 and Other Things….

Well, after one of the most eventful and shocking day in the history — so to speak — we have another manga update for Naruto.  This time, chapter 453: The Night Before the Five Kages Meet opens up a new chapter/arc to the still on-going Naruto series. Like always, it’s been made available to all via download on our Naruto Manga Downloads Page.

What does 453 tell us about? Well, for one, news of Naruto’s victory over Pein reaches Sasuke with the help of Tobi who hinders Sasuke into making it to Konohagakure and instead telling Sasuke that his target — Danzo — is now the new Hokage and is meeting all the other kages, Gaara included.  Sasuke is shock about what he learned about the Naruto but does not say or even show it at all and instead follows on Tobi’s plan to attack the Kages and kill them all.  Naruto on the other hand plans to help the Shinobi from the Lightning Village to search for the 8-tails whom he believe to still be alive.

With that said, I know that this is a tough time for all, what with the sudden passing of Micheal Jackson and the death of the actress, Farrah Fawcett.  They will surely be missed. Condolences to the fans and family.

I only heard stories about Farrah Fawcett but, her steadfast and unyeilding spirit amidst the adversities brought to her by cancer is one that should be honored like those similar to her.  Her soul is trully at peace now that she is in heaven.  Same goes for Micheal Jackson.  I think the pressure caught up with him.  I feel sorry for him but I will always remember him as the magnificent performer that he was.
With that said, we still don’t have any xxxHolic updates or TRC updates. Hopefully , we’ll get one soon.

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