That Just Ain't Right

It has been a day since Micheal “The King of Pop” Jackson passed away — and all too suddenly, if I may add.  But, in such a short span of time, countless people have gathered to pay tribute to this man of great talent.

Many who tuned into Micheal Jackson as he grew up from his first performance as part of the Jackson 5, to the release of his first solo album “Off the Wall”, and to the birth of the song “Thriller” up to this moment of history would say that he is a revolutionary.  A person who changed the music scene forever and paved the way for countless of other artists.  A person who inspired and ignited many other talents.  A person who shared his whole life to the world.  A person who cared for the well-being of others.

Those are some of the traits that are commonly noted of him by his friends, colleagues, fans, and all who know the name and the person that was “Micheal Jackson”.

It is, therefore, only right that people pay tribute to him.  To mourn of his death and to celebrate the life that he had lived.

I, for one, believe Micheal Jackson to be a person with a great capacity for kindness.  I’ve never met the man and I don’t know him apart from his songs and his performances, as well as some other things — I really do know next to nothing about him.  I’ve heard a great deal of his kindness for Africa, the children, and just basically those around him.

I feel bad for those who criticize him for his actions and question his sanity.  Those who, despite the tragedy that has befallen on him, and even up to death criticize him and make bad jokes of him.  I dislike their fervor of degrading this person in the time of his death and not respecting him or even giving time for people to mourn his loss.

One thing that I also dislike are newsreporters who are biased.  It’s the reason why I don’t really like Filipino news all that much, save for 24 Oras from GMA-7.  Reporters should know when and how to separate their own personal preferences during and at the time of their work.  It would appear, however, that most reporters — especially in the Fox News Network, do not agree with the concept of not being biased when reporting.

I say this, because, I have watched a portion of their take on Micheal Jackson’s death and instead of allowing people to grieve, they are igniting ill feelings for the man and questioning how he died.  Sure that matters in a way, but at this time, wouldn’t it be more decent to talk about the good things brought to us by someone rather than speculate on things that hold no basis other than rumors?

I really have a great dislike for Fox News for reporting bad things at such a time as this about Micheal Jackson. What’s more, they even criticized the Cebu Prisoners (the famous prisoners who danced to the tune of ‘Thriller’ and are famous throughout the net) for giving tribute to Micheal Jackson by dancing to his music. Come on, that’s going to far! Don’t you guys think so too?

Speaking ill of a person when he’s no longer around are works of cowards and people who do not have anything better to do than trample on others — alive or dead.  Those people…that just ain’t right.  Can’t they at least give respect to this man who has given all his life to entertaining and loving his fans even to the point of death?

Fox News doesn’t only talk ill of Micheal Jackson but of all the people whom they do not agree with.  Their a group of biased reporters who think that their word is right and their work righteous. I really don’t like them.

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2 comments on “That Just Ain't Right
  1. Pyro says:

    Heh I spoke Ill of him when he was alive. Whats that make me? I would’ve laughed at him and called him a Pedophile…So whats that make me?

  2. Izumi says:

    he was, is n will always be our king of pop, who has shed his tears for others, despite his past. i think no one else can aquire as much love and talent as Michael Jackson did. i pray for him and his family. may the heaven be bestowed upon him.

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