Month: July 2009

Chronicles of Endlessia OP Demo

It took me two days, albeit not two whole days, to finish the OP of the Chronicles of Endlessia game. Please note that you may not copy it, download it, post it anywhere else, and claim it as your own.

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Endlessian Chronicles Sample Box-ART

I’ve been working on Endlessian Chronicles for a while now, and the first release of the demo is nearing. Which is why, I’ve decided to release a sample of the DVD Box Art that would come with the Endlessian Chronicles

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xxxHolic Update! What Become's of Yuuko's Shop?

It took almost forever for xxxHolic to finally be updated. Unfortunately, although it has already been updated to the most recent chapter, Sakura no Kokoro is still unable to host the manga, and for that, to those who are fans

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The Five Kages

It’s Friday once again, and the Naruto Manga has been updated with the latest chapter, 454: “The Five Kages’. This chapter, like always is made readily available for all via our Naruto Manga Downloads Page. I’m going to keep this

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