xxxHolic Update! What Become's of Yuuko's Shop?

It took almost forever for xxxHolic to finally be updated. Unfortunately, although it has already been updated to the most recent chapter, Sakura no Kokoro is still unable to host the manga, and for that, to those who are fans of Yuuko-san and the rest of the xxxHolic crew, I deeply apologize.

Anyways, that is no reason why I shouldn’t be talking about xxxHolic now, is it?

What the newest chapter has in-stored is the continuation of what happened after Yuuko-san said her good-byes to Watanuki.

Watanuki awakes inside Yuuko-san’s shop, laying on the same chair that Yuuko-san laid at when he first met her. He’s also with Doumeki who, after being asked by Watanuki admits that he remembers Yuuko-san. A thing to note in the room is that the smoke-y thingy that is always around Yuuko-san is also visible in the panels.

After a couple of seconds, Maru and Moro appears and tells Watanuki that, with the last bits of Yuuko’s powers, she made it possible for the shop to remain. And with that, the three cried over the disappearance/death of Yuuko-san whilst Doumeki leaves the room and sits with the Black Mokona to discuss about the egg which Yuuko-san has entrusted to him.

It affirms that Watanuki has chosen to wait for Yuuko-san in the shop. Doumeki then wonders if the time to use the egg has already come to pass and that he had missed the opportunity. The Black Mokona however, comments (in a Yuuko-san-like fashion) that it has not yet arrived. When Doumeki asks when that would be, it answers that the decision to use the egg would solely come from Doumeki commenting on how Doumeki is able to see what Watanuki sees and that this would play an important part on when that time would come.

Black Mokona also states in this chapter, that the only ones who are able to remember Yuuko-san are those who have powers and whom she feels are important people in Watanuki’s life. Such people includes: Doumeki, Himawari, the fortuneteller, and Kohane. Black Mokona also states that with Watanuki’s decision to wait for Yuuko-san, Watanuki would also need to decide another important thing in the near future, of which the time for using the egg would be near.

It really makes you want to read the rest of the manga from here on out, doesn’t it?

Well, unfortunately, we would have to wait for a couple of weeks since the next chapter would be released on Young Magazine on the 27th of July.

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