Endings and Beginnings

A time of great prayer swept the nation as masses upon masses, novenas upon novenas and prayers upon prayers pilled up the heavens as the whole nation prayed for a miracle — a miracle in the form of a former president’s healing from a cancer.

A time of sadness and tears flooded the world when news of the said former president’s death filled the airwaves. It was an innevitable event but one that no one wanted to come so soon.

I was awed when I saw the funeral march that was held several days ago when the late president Cory Aquino’s was moved to the Manila Cathedral. I saw, more than anything, the outpour of support that the Filipino people were giving the Aquino family. I was moved to tears when I heard Kris Aquino, Cory Aquino’s youngest daughter speak during an interview narrating the events that took place whilst her mother was at her deathbed.

I was once again put into tears when I watched the Funeral Mass just several hours ago. It was even more touching than Micheal Jackson’s and more simple yet speaks loudly for itself than any event that I have ever witnessed.

Since the Arroyo Administration’s reign started to become sour, I had lost pride in being a Filipino. I always felt that there was nothing to brag about, nothing worth mentioning with this administration and with the Philippines we are living in now. However, this event allowed me to realize and become proud once again for being a Filipino and having a kababayan as great as Cory Aquino.

A person who was born in a rich family but lived a life of simplicity. A person who rose to the occassion when the time called. A person who never showed fear but showed great faith. A person who was steadfast and true to her word. A great mother and grandmother. A person who embraced her sacrifices and offered them to God and to her people. A person who, first and foremost, thought of others before herself. That is how I have come to know the late president now.

I have often thought of her as an idol. A person to look up to. After all, who wouldn’t look up to a person who stood up for what is right? Someone who stood up for freedom?  But my respect and love for her only grew now that I have learned even more of her.

Even up to now, yellow ribbons could be seen practically everywhere. People still flood the streets to pay their final respects to one of the greatest Filipino President to ever live despite the heavy rainshowers and floods.

President Cory brought back more than just hope to the people. She not only symbolized democracy but also symbolized the very essence of what Filipnos should be.  A person of great faith, a fighter, a person filled with hope, a person who never gives up, kind-hearted, and all of that.

I wasn’t alive yet when the great EDSA revolution happened. I wasn’t around yet when the world saw how the Filipino people banded together to oust a dictator and bring back democracy using peaceful means. But I know the importance of her works, her deeds.

I feel the sadness of the people and share the sadness with them and with the family. I feel as though we will never see another Cory Aquino for a very, very long time. I only hope, wish, and pray that she would never be forgotten, her works and her deeds never cast in a box and laid away in the corner. I hope that this coming election people would remember Cory Aquino. Remember what she fought for. How she lived. I hope that she would guide us with God and Jesus to decide our next leaders and hopefully they will not be the same kind as the current ones.

As a closing to this post, I would like to state a quote that people should live by:

When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manner that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.

This exactly is how Cory Aquino lived. She lived her life to the fullest. She won her battles and now she is with her beloved husband along with all the angels and saints and the God she had served for her life.

We will never forget you, Madame President. We love You.

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