The Demon King and the Witch

It seems CLAMP came through to their promise as they released the most recent chapter as soon as they can.

This week, we have both the TRC and the xxxHolic updates from CLAMP. For the TRC update entitled, “The Demon King and the Witch”, it basically just shows nothing interesting but the fact that Fai and Kurogane tells the real and clone versions of Sakura and Syaoran not to disappear and Fei Wong stating that he will not accept Yuuko-san’s death.

As for the xxxHolic update, we are finally given the heads up on what Watanuki chose and that is that he chose to manage the shop in Yuuko’s stead until the time that Yuuko-san returns. The price is that Watanuki can never go outside the shop as he had paid his remaining time which let’s Doumeki realize that he cannot use the ‘egg’ on Watanuki.

What happens next is a mystery. We can only speculate and hope for another early releae from CLAMP next week. Also, take note that previous links to the download page in this blog is no longer accessible. You have to go to the VIS Downloads Page for the downloads now. Also, we are hosting downloads on the Forums but you would need to register fro that.

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