The Law of… Clow Devination

I know that maybe everyone knows my stand against devination and fortune telling, and all of those other things but, I suppose it would not hurt to say that I myself can perform a simple Clow Devination… okay, well, maybe Clow Devination isn’t that simple.

I don’t know if a lot of people are familiar with it but Clow Devination is a form of fortune telling using Clow/Sakura Cards that were invented by Clow Reed, which in turn was based from an actual magician by the name of Aleister Crowley.  Who in the world he is, is something left for another day.  Right now, however, I have come to post some information on Clow Reading.

I won’t divulge on how to do it, and I certainly won’t go around telling people the right way of doing it. I’m no Master when it comes to these things but, one thing I was taught is that to find the meaning of the cards, you would have to look at them in a semi-personal note, if you are doing a devination.

You can do a bunch of devination with the Clow/Sakura cards.  Among these are the General Fortune, Romance, Daily, Moon, speed, Sun, Guest, Compatibility, and Weekly Readings.

I was also taught that, the most important skill to learn for reading the Clow Card is to use my own intuition.  To look at the cards that were drawn from the deck for the reading and use any intuition that has flashed inside of me.  To not hold back and derive only the message it is trying to give.

I am planning on posting the Clow Meanings that I have come up with that goes well with the official meanings that CLAMP had written for it, but for now, this post would have to do.

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