The Only Proof

CLAMP’s Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles had finally moved in full circle with the latest chapter from the said manga entitled, “The Only Proof”.  You can download this newest chapter on our Downloads Page in the VIS main site.

Please note that the whole post below is full of spoilers.

In this newest chapter, Fei Wong Reed unleashes his fury on our heroes as he, like Watanuki, could not accept the disappearance and death of the Dimensional Witch known as Yuuko.

With his mind on searching for the dimension and path in which Yuuko’s future is different and in which she is alive, Fei Wong states that he is more powerful than Clow Reed and shows this by materializing the same magical cylinder-thingie that we have seen in the first chapter and the previous chapter.

He then proceeds to take both the real Syaoran and Sakura stating that he would use their power in searching for that dimension.  Of course, the clones as well as Kurogane and Fai do their best to stop this from happening.  Unfortunately, Fei Wong succeeds in locking the real Syaoran and Sakura in the same thing that the clones were locked in.  Not only that, but the clones are locked in with them as well.

With that said, one could wonder where this is going.  CLAMP is doing a great job with how the story is going at the moment.  When the series first began, we were shown a glimpse of the future and now, that future has come to pass.  It’s amazing how far the story had gone from that moment and how well a work CLAMP manage to do.

Now, we have to wait for the xxxHolic update to see what’s happening on the ‘other side’, if you get my drift.

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