A Turn-Around?

Earlier this morning (or was it late last night?), my mom and I were talking about searching for other jobs and other opportunities.  My parents, as well as siblings, know me as a picky person and I have no intentions whatsoever to object on the truth.

Anyways, my mom asked me if I still want to teach and she (as well as my dad) are on complete agreement of letting me do just that should I answer them with a ‘yes’.  It was a complete turn-around from a couple of months ago when I was asking them if it would be okay for me to apply as a teacher, even if it were only as a part-time job.

I didn’t give them an answer then and there.  Don’t get me wrong, I still would like to teach.  I can imagine myself in a room filled with students (hopefully, younger than me, lol) teaching them more than what is written on the textbooks (let’s face it, some text books are complete idiots that do not even teach the right thing).  Teaching them the importance of fairness, teamwork, hard work and all the other things that are much more important in life than books would allow.

I could easily imagine myself condeming cheating in any forms and telling people that it would be better to get a low grade while trying hard and studying than getting a very high grade through cheating.  After all, I tend to think that it’s not the result that matters but the journey to the result.  Besides, you don’t really fail if you gave your all at something, doing everything you can and working hard but end up losing.  You only fail if you give up on yourself and in what you can do.

I think cheating is like that.  It’s like you giving up on the possibility of being able to accomplish something on your own. It’s like losing your integrity.  Even if you don’t get caught by a teacher or a professor, someone is still witnessing you cheating — and that is yourself.  You can lie about it to others but the truth still remains that you can’t lie to yourself, no matter how hard you try, and feel good about it.

I think that would be what my way of thinking in teaching would be.  Cheating never stops because there’s no one to condemn it and tell them that it’s better to do your best and work hard for something.  I have been to several schools and I can easily count how many teachers are doing something to stop the cheats in class, others just do nothing and turn a blind eye.

Anyways, back to the story that’s at hand…

My parents are still waiting for me to decide on that, and they are telling me that should I plan to go along with teaching that I would need to take up masteral classes on teaching.  I don’t really mind doing that but I still can’t decide at the moment.

The chance to make a difference in a person’s life — a chance given each and every time to those in the teaching business, is really appealing but, right now, I’m still doubting my ability to teach (if I do have that ability), even though I said I really would like to teach…

Well, at times like these there’s only one thing to do. Pray.

I think it’s about time to consult the only ‘person’ capable of giving me the ultimate advice (next to my parents, of course).

Well, whatever I decide… I know that, as I always say, Zettai Daijoubu da yo! (Everything will be alright!)

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