Month: September 2009

TRC's Finale!!!

This has been an amazing day for me in more ways than one — was that I will not share here at this point as to not swerve away from the topic. The topic at hand is the release of

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The Tragedy That Struck The Philippines

Everyone knew it was coming.  Everyone knew what it was going to bring… but what everyone knew and thought; what they were told, was nowhere near what was really going to happen.

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xxxHolic's Early Update!

Who would have actually thought that CLAMP (and FrankyHouse for that matter) would update their acclaimed manga, xxxHolic so soon?  I was hoping for an early update but figured they’d release a back-to-back update with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles this week,

A Change in Looks and Tag Lines!

So, after what seems like a long time of not updating the look of my beloved blogsite, I have finally found the time and the much needed creative urge to go from “No Boundaries” — a song that I absolutely

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231 Up now for TRC fans!!!

I had been wrong twice now when I had thought CLAMP would only update their xxxHolic manga for this week.  Another surprise for us TRC fans now that the 231st chapter of the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles manga is up for

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