The Law of… PS3!

Okay, so I have been saving up money for a while now on a lot of things but, the roster of  my list of ‘What I Want’  just skyrocketed the moment the Playstation 3 (commonly referred to as the PS3) got unwrapped on our living room and sat next to our Samsung HDTV.

So, yeah, my console list just grew as well.  First I have the PC, which is not just a gaming console but is now a necessity for me.  Next the PSP, if our PS2 (Playstation 2, the predecessor of the Blu-Ray-reading-PS3) was still alive, it would have been the second oldest console I own, now, with the PS2 busted my PSP is the oldest console I have (though it is regarded as a handheld).  The third console in our small abode is the Wii.  Yep, it’s the first Nintendo console we have that uses the DVD media as a storage device.  Next is the NDS Lite (Nintendo DS Lite), the enhanced version of the DS which is now lighter.  And finally, the PS3, the new addition to our console collection (of course, there’s the XBOX 360 still…) completing the roster.

One may wonder why we have all of these platforms/consoles… well, we’re a family of gamers is the easiest explanation for it.  Well, that’s nothing wrong with that since our lives don’t revolve around playing games all day.  Besides, this is better than become drug dependants, smokers, drinkers, and all those things.

Anyways, my sister and I have been playing “Co-op” mode in Resident Evil 5 (RE5) and we’ve only so far gotten to the third chapter (can’t really remember the exact level) and the graphics is trully impressive.  My mom was even awed at the game that she would, from time to time, watch us play.  The same could be said of my dad.

Apart from RE5, I’m also playing Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm which is a game that really puts you right in the middle of the anime, as if you’re watching a HD-version of the anime and not playing a game.  When I first played it, I was like “HUWWWWOOOOOWWWW!!!”
There’s also Siren: The New Translation and XBlades.  Yep, so few games at the moment but I am saving money to buy Eternal Sonata, Eyepet, Little Big Planet, and Valkyria Chronicles (to name a few).

I have to say that my parents were pretty proud of how I controll myself when playing games.  I only play about 3 hours or so a day during weekdays and about 5 hours during saturdays.  It’s a form of self-controll, mind you.

I also have a PSN account, finally! To those who want to add me as their PSN friend, send me an email and I’ll give you my ID.

There is nothing more that I enjoy doing than reading books and writing. I'm kind of a nerd like that, XD. I have been writing for 7 years and am the author of the YA novel "Winged: The Awakening" and "Winged: The Unraveling". Also, a YouTuber dealing with video games and gaming.

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10 comments on “The Law of… PS3!
  1. RE 5 pede coop? wow kaingit -_-

  2. Yup, pwedeng local na co-op mode or online.

  3. ung local coop eh story mode din ba? oh prang mercenary?

  4. Story siya. Controll nyo ng partner mo si Sheva (yung bagong female lead) at si Chris. Kung ayaw mo naman Co-op, kahit sa single player, kasama mo pa din si Sheve pero half-AI controlled siya, bibigyan mo ng command tas susundin nya.

  5. Di lang yun, yung in-game graphics nya at FMV di nagkakalayo. May mga trophies ka din na pwede ma-unlock sa paglaro mo nung game.

  6. auz my costume pdin? nu? chris redfield un nu?

  7. meron pa din. May ma-uunlock ka mga costumes nina Chris at Sheva. May mercenary mode pa din. Tapos, pwede mo maunlock agad yung unlimited ammo kahit di mo pa tapos yung game. May na-uunlock din mga figurines para sa PS Home (isang online community/game sa PS3).

  8. wow ma unlock agad? anu un kkunin sa mercenary? eh sa RE 4 ilang beses ko tinapos pra mkuha unli ammo.. binibili din mga weapons dyn?

  9. yup, binibili din before mag start bawat levels. Madali lang pati maghanap ng mga treasures, ang mahirap lang hanapin eh yung mercenary emblems. Yung mga boss battles pati grabe.

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