A New Tale Begins!!!

After what seems like months of a silent treatment for the sister-manga of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, CLAMP (with FrankyHouse at the forefront of Scanlations) finally released the most recent chapter of xxxHolic.  And this time, it comes with a surprise!

We all know that Yuuko-san, the Dimentional Witch (and also the woman hinted as Clow Reed’s love interest) has died in the xxxHolic/TRC/CLAMP universe leaving Watanuki in despair and sadness vowing to await the return of Yuuko (whom he believes WILL return).

We all know that Watanuki’s time has halted when he took Yuuko-san’s job and made the choice to wait for her in her shop (which he now owns and manages).  We all know that Doumeki and Black Mokona still has a job to do that can alter the fate of our heroes from both the TRC and xxxHolic dimensions/worlds.

What came as a surprise and twist in this epic novel is that four years have passed since the previous chapter! Yes, you read it right! 4 years of time skip!!

What do we get from that time skip?  Well, Doumeki is already in College taking up studies in folklore, which Watanuki makes fun of him and questions him on asking why he would choose folklore when his strength is in the sciences.

Apart from a college-student-Doumeki, Watanaki is perhaps the character that greatly changed! His manner of speaking is nowhere reminiscent nor near to his older-err… younger-self.  He speaks just like Yuuko-san, a manner of speaking which is quite obvious with the way his speech and thought bubbles were written in japanese.  Yes, my friends, Watanuki speaks like a sage.

Although 4 years have passed however, it is only Doumeki’s appearance that slightly changed while Watanuki retained his self due to his payment for agreeing to own and manage the shop and choice to wait for Yuuko-san.

Now, the only question left for us is what is the use of the egg that Doumeki has?  How will the events from the previous TRC chapter connect with the new tale that is unfolding in the xxxHolic universe?  Will Watanuki end up being like Fei-Wong Reed thereby continuing the cycle that Yuuko0-san and Clow Reed were working so hard to break?

Yes, mysteries are still afoot in the worlds where Syaoran and his other-self, Watanuki are at.  I certainly can’t wait for the next chapters of TRC and xxxHolic.

Another good news is that I have gained permission from FH (FrankyHouse) to post the xxxHolic Manga in our VIS website, so, in a week or so (earliest is a week) we will have a new addition to our Manga family!

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