The Power of Darkness!

It would appear that I was very much mistaken in my previous post to have thought that it would be tomorrow when the Naruto Manga would be updated.  Luckily for us Naruto fans, we have an early surprise from our loved scanlators over at Sleepy Fans who have now brought us the 464th chapter entitled: “The Power of Darkness!”

Of course, like always, we have a download link available for everyone on our VIS Downloads Page.

Anyways, I’m not up for spoiling this chapter as I did with the xxxHolic update but, one thing I can say is that Gaara has stepped into the fray (hey! That rhymes!)!

Also, check out the power of the double magenkyo sharingan that Sasuke has! We can really get a glimpse on just how dark a person Sasuke is, which is why I want the remaining rookie 9 (now 8, but then Gaara and Sai are part of it so does that make it 10?) kick his ass to the next century!! Shanarooo!!! (lolz)

Well, that’s about all for today. It’s pretty late now and I still have work to do tomorrow so, until the next manga update and the next time I decide to update this blog, which is probably tomorrow, lol, ja ne!!

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One comment on “The Power of Darkness!
  1. Aj Lacdao says:

    The bottom line of this story, naruto, is how sasuke and naruto fight for their unusual/uncommon love affair! woooh! mala john lloyd ang luis! nyahahaha

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