231 Up now for TRC fans!!!

Manga previewI had been wrong twice now when I had thought CLAMP would only update their xxxHolic manga for this week.  Another surprise for us TRC fans now that the 231st chapter of the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles manga is up for downloads like always on our VIS DL page.

For this manga chapter, we get to see what happened in between the time when Yuuko vanished to the time when Doumeki found Watanuki in the shop’s storeroom.

Following where the story left off on the previous TRC manga chapter, the two Syaorans realize that this is the price that Fei Wong was talking about.  They found themselves trapped in a dimension filled with darkness together with the ‘other’ Syaoran — Watanuki Kimihiro!

In order for them to get out of their current predicament, they need to find a crack in the dimension.  However, no cracks exist, until a sacrifice by one of the three beings were made to create the rift.  Now, who sacrificed and what the sacrifice was, that’s for you guys to find out by downloading and reading the newest TRC manga chapter.


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