A Change in Looks and Tag Lines!

So, after what seems like a long time of not updating the look of my beloved blogsite, I have finally found the time and the much needed creative urge to go from “No Boundaries” — a song that I absolutely adored Adam Lambert singing, which became the inspiration to my previous tag line — to going pink and having a tag line of “Live Life! Rock On!!” for a version 2.1.

And like always, I make it a habit to explain why I chose the tag line I have on here every single version of the blog.  So, allow me to do just that once again today.

The first reason is that, when I drew Sakura’s picture (the one on the banner), I was planning on having her and Naruto playing Guitar Hero with Sakura singing and Naruto going all out on the guitar, but, thanks to the epic time constraints that are hindering me from continuing with the said drawing, I only managed to finish Sakura, hence, only Sakura could be found on the banner with a microphone on her hand.

Now, you may ask, I have been playing RE5, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, and Little Big Planet and I have not been on the Wii playing either Rockband 2 or Guitar Hero World Tour (Yes, I am still trying to save money to buy Rockband: Beetles and Guitar Hero 5), so, why now did I not bother drawing or making a tag line from those other games that are currently on my favorites list?

Well, I was going to draw Sakura fighting zombies for an RE-esque banner but decided not to do it since… well… it just didn’t look right for her and I have been having banners featuring Sakura on her fighting mode giving off an impression that I am some kind of a warfreak or something and that that is what Sakura is only capable of doing.  Little Big Planet-like Sakura would make her look like Sackboy wearing some Naruto costume — which I plan to use and reserve for a much later update… and well, I don’t need to have a banner that is too much Naruto-esque as my VIS Forums banner, do I?  I mean, I’m already using Sakura as my ‘mascot’ being my favorite character (apart from Sakura from TRC and Rukia from Bleach) at the moment.

Talking tag-lines however, I couldn’t quite think of a tagline inspired from the RE series or related to it to match well with what image I have or what image I planned to draw.  Little Big Planet inspired taglines I already have, but, like I said, now is not the update to use Sackboy-Sakura so naturally the same goes for the tagline (though I can imagine the curiosity of people who knows about Little Big Planet to see what Sakura would look like as Sackboy, or rather, what Sackboy would look like as Sakura, lol).

Now, since I already have the Guitar Hero/Rockband inspired drawing of Sakura, I needed to come up with something to match the image.  A quote of some sort.  A reminder, if you will.

I came about the whole “Live Life! Rock On!!” quotation when I was looking for a way to copy the Guitar Hero font looking at the television screen which was showing of the Guitar Hero World Tour loading screen whilst my dad was playing.  On one of the loading screens it has the ‘Rock On!!’ thing on it and I thought, “Hey, why not come up with something that says that…make it sound cool or something.”

I didn’t want to sound much like a rocker or anywhere near that since, that’s not who I am and I don’t like to pretend as someone I am not, so I thought, “Why not add a bit of Sakura Martinez touch to it.  Spice it up with positivism or something…”, and, what better way to be positive that to live life?

Yes, I know.  People may think that this is such a lame story but…hey, as far as I go, no story is lame (well, unless it’s something that doesn’t have a decent beginning, plot or ending…).  You may also notice the little menu bar on the lower edge of the screen.  That’s also an added feature to the blog to spice things up a bit around here.

What are the capabilities of this new feature?  Well, you can play games hosted by the site, and we currently have some addicting games there for visitors to enjoy (yes, I desperately need an increase in visitors and a much deserved votes to raise my rank in the blog directories, so if you guys have time, mind giving me a hand with it? Pretty please with sugar on top?)

Well, that’s about all I have for now, don’t want to turn this simple update into a novel of sorts (plus I want to watch my dad play Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on the PS3, he was playing Metal Gear Solid 4 before lol).  Be sure to check back later for an update on my blog novel (yes, I am planning on updating a lot of things today) and a change of look in our VIS Downloads Page on the VIS Official Website. Ja ne!

There is nothing more that I enjoy doing than reading books and writing. I'm kind of a nerd like that, XD. I have been writing for 7 years and am the author of the YA novel "Winged: The Awakening" and "Winged: The Unraveling". Also, a YouTuber dealing with video games and gaming.

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