xxxHolic's Early Update!

Who would have actually thought that CLAMP (and FrankyHouse for that matter) would update their acclaimed manga, xxxHolic so soon?  I was hoping for an early update but figured they’d release a back-to-back update with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles this week, so imagine my surprise when I got a notification that xxxHolic’s most recent chapter is finally up!

Well, despite the enthusiasm in the update, there is not much to note in this new chapter (which you will all be able to read online and download a copy from the VIS website this coming weekend as I am still working on VIS’s very own Online Manga Viewer).

What’s with the 187th chapter of xxxHolic?  Well, Kohane-chan comes to visit with some food from the fortune-teller friend of Yuuko’s (whom they refer to simply as ‘Grandma’) and a letter to go with it stating that someone would be coming to the shop tomorrow.

It also tells how (it seems) Watanuki was having a hard time with the customers since he doesn’t have any magical powers to grant their wishes, unlike Yuuko.


With this chapter, and that letter from Grandma, it seems that CLAMP is planning on something big for the upcoming chapters of xxxHolic.  How big it is, that remains to be seen (and read).

Anyways, TRC could possibly hold some answers on what happened before the time skip (or not).  So let’s all just wait as patiently as we could for the newest chapter of TRC to come out (hopefully soon!)

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