TRC's Finale!!!

This has been an amazing day for me in more ways than one — was that I will not share here at this point as to not swerve away from the topic. The topic at hand is the release of the final chapter of CLAMP’s most popular work, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Chapter 232, entitled, “The World of Beginning” is now made available to download (and soon to view in the upcoming VIS Manga Viewer Web-App) in our VIS Downloads Page.

Surprising as it is that it is already the final chapter, CLAMP seems to have rushed the story a bit as they fail to really put a decent ending (in my opinion) for this magnificent manga. The lack of explanation left me in a daze wondering just what the heck that chapter was, and in hopes of CLAMP releasing an extra chapter just like how Shaman King had its additional chapters.


Basically, this chapter is about Syaoran and Watanuki paying the price for Fei Wong’s deeds — something quite questionable as apart from getting out is why do they both need to pay the price? What the price was, was not told in the TRC universe leaving us to hope that CLAMP would enlighten us all in their upcoming xxxHolic manga chapter release.

I am honestly quite disappointed in this turn of events for this chapter. Of course, I am not discouraging you all from reading and downloading the chapter, it’s just a warning as to not have high hopes for this chapter.

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