Month: October 2009

"Sakura's Confessions" And Naruto's Reaction!?

Kishimoto-san, albeit going on a short break the previous week, did not disappoint the fans of the Naruto Manga series this week when he released the newest chapter, Chapter 469 hours earlier than its intended release.  This recent chapter, entitled,

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xxxHolic 190 and Other Things…

So, although xxxHolic normally updates during Mondays, we have for ourselves right now the newest chapter of the said series.  Like always, it held no title to represent itself.

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The xxxHolic's Shamisen?

Well, CLAMPS going full force in updating the xxxHolic manga, which is nearing its end.  Although, nothing much has happened in this newest chapter.

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Fade to Black: I Call Your Name

It was the year 2008.  The month was September. That was the time when the third BLEACH movie was released.  And since the trailer first aired in Japan, people knew that it would be one heck of a movie!  And

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A Mediocre xxxHolic Update?

Yes, we have waited weeks, perhaps even months for the newest xxxholic chapter wondering who the customer that the old fortuneteller had foretold.  However, after waiting forever and now that we have the chapter, I would have to say that

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