Battle Behind Closed Doors! Naruto UPDATE!!

Okay, so despite the fact that my upper teeth are aching like hell with my newly adorned braces, and despite the fact that the Philippines is once again facing a typhoon dubbed to be of equal strength with Katrina, there is still a reason to celebrate — at least, for Naruto Manga fans as we have now the most recent chapter available for download and for read in our VIS Downloads Page and VIS Online Manga Viewer respectively.

Chapter 466, entitled, “Battle Behind Closed Doors” follows up with Sasuke’s rampage at the summit and ends with Uchiha Madara appearing before the Kages (minus Danzo the irritable cowardly new Hokage).


I won’t say anything beyond that save the fact that Sasuke is still pretty weak as compared to Naruto… and I am not being biased about it.

Anyways, if you’re up for some reading, you can download the latest chapter at the VIS Downloads Page and you can read the Manga along with Ane Doki (Yes, we currently have just about two mangas at the moment in the Manga Viewer Page) by using the VIS Online Manga Viewer.

Please note that the OMV (Online Manga Viewer) that we have is a bit buggy and needs some major design overhaul, but please bear with me for the moment as I am working on it with every spare time that I can get.

People reading this through Facebook would not see the link nor be able to click it so if you want to check the OMV out and download the manga, maybe even read Ane Doki, you can find the link in the original post of this update at my blog (Sakura no Kokoro – And while you’re at it, maybe you can click on the google ads and help me with adsense, lol.

Anyways, that’s about it for this manga update. We’re still waiting for the xxxHolic manga and of course, we will be sharing it via OMV and Manga Downloads — same goes for One Piece and Bleach. So show some love and support *wink*.

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6 comments on “Battle Behind Closed Doors! Naruto UPDATE!!
  1. Aldrich Tan says:

    🙂 naruto with reserve sage chakra's or sasuke with amaterasu? 🙂 who do you think would win the fight :)ganda ng update nato grabe cant wait for next week

  2. I'd go with Naruto since kaya na niyang controlin si Kyuubi. lol

  3. kaya na ba? hindi pa dba? hanggang 4th tail parin kaya nya

  4. Aldrich Tan says:

    @sakuradi niya kayang controllin si kyuubi 😀 kaya lang siya nakawala nung huli kasi naglagay ng seal (ata) yung dad niya 😛

  5. @Aldrich: Kaya na nya. May pero may limit lang. @ Mendelson: Hello…

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