A World To Return To! CLAMP Does A Comeback!!

Who would have thought after the words, “The End” were printed on the last pages of the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles manga that we would get to see an Epilogue chapter from CLAMP? Well, if you are like me who have been reading CLAMP mangas for a while now, you’d certainly know about it. Of course, I had assumed that this would be an Oekaki chapter, so, it still came as a surprise yet again.

This newest and final chapter (for certain this time) entitled, “A World To Return To”, allows CLAMP to finally explain what the price Watanuki and Syaoran made in order to escape the void of space and time that they found themselves in in the last chapter as well as explain further what Syaoran and Sakura obtained with those feathers from their cloned selves.


To further the need for answers, CLAMP also reveals a lot more than just that. Of course, I do not plan to be such a spoiler and spoil the lot out of the story so I’ll just leave it to you guys to download and read through our Manga Downloads Page. I’ve also added this to our OMV (Online Manga Viewer) so you can read it straight from there. (If you are, however, reading this through Facebook, you will need to head to my blog and click the link from this post there).

One thing I was surprised of was the fact that CLAMP finally gave us the real names of these versions of Sakura and Syaoran. Also, if you are reading xxxHolic, like I am, you can easily guess now who the so-called “customer” that Watanuki is going to have will be.

Well, enough about the slight spoilers (if you call them that).
I am certainly happy with how CLAMP played their cards in this final TRC chapter. With this chapter, we can finally close the TRC manga in a positive note. What a comeback from CLAMP!

The ending is similar to that of CCS, still, a happy one at that.
Well, until the next update. See ya!

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4 comments on “A World To Return To! CLAMP Does A Comeback!!
  1. Aldrich Tan says:

    hey tlog kna hahaha

  2. JJ says:

    What Im Confused about is the begining of a new jourey at the end. Theres only so much xxxHolic can do with this. So whats going top happen with that, or will we never know all the details

  3. dizews says:

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

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