A Declaration of War! Kishimoto-san Preps Up For the Final Naruto Arc!!

Anyways, Friday is finally here, and with it, the newest chapter of the Naruto manga has been made available for everyone to read and download.  Like always, you guys can read the latest chapter, entitled, “A Declaration of War” on our VIS OMV or you can download it via the VIS Downloads Page.

As the title of this posts says, Kishimoto-san, the acclaimed mangaka of the Narutoverse, is prepping up for what could be the biggest arc in the history of Naruto.  In this latest chapter, chapter 467,  Uchiha Madara confronts the 4 Kages and tells them of his plan while he sends Sasuke into safety.


A lot of Madara’s plans are explained here, and the reason why he is after the Jinchuriki is not left out.  On the other hand, Sakura Haruno and her team (consists of Rock Lee, Inuzuka Kiba, and Sai) makes there was towards Naruto’s location with Sakura ready to confront Naruto and tell him to forget about Sasuke — that or something else.

Although this newest chapter, as Kishimoto-san said, paves way to a new arc, there are a lot of disgruntled readers who prefers Kishimoto-san’s twin’s work rather than the Naruto series.  Kishimoto-san’s twin who is also a mangaka was working on a Manga entitled, “666 Satan” which you can read on our OMV.  Downloads of the said manga series would be made available at our Downloads Page on a much later date, though…

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