My Christmas Wishlist…

I know this may be a tad early to post something like this, what with Christmas still a couple of months away but, hey, who can blame me for doing something that I am sure I am not the only one who is working on one?

I won’t go pretending that I don’t like material things and things like that, so don’t be surprised with this list of my Top 5 Most Wanted Things to Receive This Christmas (whoo! what-a-title!!)

Let us start with my TOP 5:

Top 5:  An 8GB Sony Pro-Stick DUO.

Yes, I know I already have a 4GB and 2GB pro-stick duo memory stick (both from sony) and that should be enough, however, it doesn’t seem to be the case.  Right now I am trying my best to compress all the PSP files that I put on that memory stick.  I want an 8GB one since that would leave enough space for my music collection and maybe even a few movies and a couple of games along.  I know people would argue that buying an IPOD would be much more efficient, however, I doubt my parents would agree to letting me buy one (sadly, *sniff*)

Top 4: .hack// Novel Collection.


Yes, people, the acclaimed PS2 (soon to be PSP) game series, manga, and anime does indeed have a novel series — you did not read my 4th most wanted item incorrectly.  This beautifully written masterpieces (yes, I should know, I have the 2 AI Buster Novels) is a must have for any .hack// fans, including me — the biggest .hack// fan the Philippines has ever known and will ever know!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAH!!! *AHEM* Seriously, though, I love books just as much as I love gaming and anime which makes this a perfect item(s) for me.  I would like to buy these books myself (rather than having them just in my wishing list and hoping that someone actually gives them to me, lol) but considering how the Philippines rarely gets its stock of Light Novels from TokyoPop, it is highly unlikely for me to buy them… of course, there is, where I can buy these books, unfortunately, the said website requires the use of a Credit Card, which I do not have and which my parents are not in agreement with me using their card to buy this oh-so-awesome-I-want-to-get-my-hands-on-them books. *sigh* Sad, really, especially for a book lover/anime/game fanatic. (Note: More info could be read about the novels here).

Top 3: Eternal Sonata (PS3) Blu-Ray Game Disk.


Yes. Because of me buying my very own PS3 (PlayStation 3, for those who do not know) with my very own money, I also have to find a way to play the best possible games out there, either with my money or with the help from others, lol.  Eternal Sonata is one of the reasons why I bought a PS3 in the first place.  The story, which features an Alternative Universe-look into Chopin’s life.  Yes, the same ‘Chopin’ that we know for his works with the Piano and many other beautiful classical pieces that are quite easy to play (or so they say).  The story is what drew me into wanting to have this game on my collection.  If plans go as well… planned, we may end up going to Manila this Sunday, where I have found a copy of this awesome game (thankfully) and hopefully get my hands on this one.  Still, if that doesn’t happen, it has a place on my Wish List, lol.

Top 2:  The Inheritance Series.


Like I’ve said with my Top 4.  I love books, and amongst the books/novels I want to read and help the author by buying is the Inheritance Series — Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr.  The books are, by par, better than the movie counterpart as they hold more drama, more action, and practically a whole lotta story.  Sadly, I could no longer find the trilogy in our bookstores (near here) thus, it ends up in my number 2 spot.  Imagine that, lol.  I could have chosen a much better top 2 most-wanted-for-Christmas-item but, as I have always dreamed of being able to own and read a lot of great books, to be able to live in a house with a room made just for books — a library.  Hence, Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr need to be added in the collection of that future library, lol.

Top 1: World Peace!… Okay, just kidding, although, that wouldn’t be a bad thing to wish for, but let’s face it, that would be highly impossible for someone to give me on Christmas day, lol… well, save maybe if God decides to suddenly make the world a peaceful place like magic or divine intervention…  Anyways, my top 1 would, for now, be a brand new cellular phone to take over my ancient phone of eternal annoyance, lol.  Seriously, though, I ought to buy a new phone.  Luckily, this top one would be crossed out of my list before December comes since I am already halfway into saving up enough money to buy a new phone that is pretty cool.  Of course, the added bonus of having to buy something with the money you worked so hard for — that feeling — is simply the best I tell yah! lol, especially if you bought something like a PS3!!! Woot! But, that’s besides the point. (I sure am trailing away from the topic now, lol).  Anyways, I have a phone in mind already, what that is will be one heck of a surprise when the time comes that I show the world my new phone.  I get all excited just thinking about it.  For now, why don’t you all look at this image here:

3066133326_726458cab7Well, 2 out of 5 is good.  I mean, I have a chance to buy two out of those 5 items in my wish list before Christmas comes with my own money.  I doubt I’ll be able to buy for myself the other three, though… which is kind of sad.  I hate it when the Philippines does not have an item you want.

Still, Christmas is still a ways away from today.  Who knows what’ll happen in the future, right?  Who knows if I end up getting them all before Christmas or the three others on Christmas day itself.  Of course, Christmas isn’t all about the presents that we end up getting or giving, there’s more to Christmas than just that.  Still, it makes me curious… what are your Top 5 Most Wanted Items for Christmas? Do you have one?

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  1. Aldrich Tan says:

    haahha mine includes you lol kidding :)want me to give you eternal sonata for xmas *teasing* lol hahahahcome to think of it i dont know what i want for xmas yet 😀

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