Hachibi and Kyuubi! The First Chapter of the Fourth Shinobi War Arc!!

Friday is, as always, Naruto-day… of course, it can also be known as Bleach-day and One-Piece-Day if you are fans of the latter manga series.  Anyways, with friday comes the 467th Chapter of the acclaimed manga series, Naruto, entitled, “Hachibi and Kyuubi”.  This chapter can be read online via our VIS OMV or downloaded through the VIS DL Page.

What’s up with the newest c16hapter, you may ask?  Well, an alliance is finally formed between the 4 Kages.  Their trust in Konoha’s current Hokage, has utterly been reduced to nil and one can expect the outrage the people of the Hidden Leaf will now feel towards the pathetic Danzo.  With the Raikage now knowing that Bee is alive still, a search has been set out to find him as well as Naruto.  Kazekage Gaara is tasked with informing Kakashi of what has occurred in the summit.

On the other hand, Naruto has once again begun to train himself in the art of the Sage technique.  At the same, Sakura’s party finds Naruto and Bee is confronted by the Akatsuki member, Kisame who is out to capture him.

Things are certainly heating up in the world of Naruto.  Unfortunately, there would be no Naruto manga updates for next week due to Kishimoto-san  taking a short break.  Hopefully it would not last as long as CLAMP’s break that is just practically too long for anyone’s taste.

That’s it for now.  Come back later for the 2nd Chapter of Tsuki no Chou.

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