xxxHolic 190 and Other Things…

So, although xxxHolic normally updates during Mondays, we have for ourselves right now the newest chapter of the said series.  Like always, it held no title to represent itself.

In the newest chapter, Watanuki is in the dream world where he meets with the Shamisen’s spirit — the spirit of the cat, taking form of the same woman that had asked for Watanuki’s help but with cat-like eyes.  The spirit tells Watanuki but one word: “Strum”.

Watanuki, believing he knows what the Shamisen’s spirit means, goes to the warehouse to search for what he believes the spirit was looking for — A plectrum.

Although Watanuki does not know how the Plectrum came into the possession of the previous shop owner, Yuuko-sama, Watanuki now firmly believes the same belief that Yuuko had told him over and over again…

… There is no such thing as coincidences, there is only the inevitable…

If you are familiar with all the other works of CLAMP, you can easily see how CLAMP likes to include that to their works, most notably in the TRC and Card Captor Sakura mangas.

Anyhow, moving on to another topic.

I am currently working on a manga series.  It is still under heavy development with the story still in its earlier stages so you can expect to see it (maybe) sometime this November or December.  Another project I’m currently working on is meant for fans of Facebook games such as Farmville, Farm Town, or anything farm related, albeit, it is much more similar to Harvest Moon than anything else.

Basically, it’s a farming/rpg game that allows you not only to farm, but to build up your own small island.  The setting is pretty much in the same time-line as the other RPG game I’m working on (Chronicles of Endlessia).  I will post more information on a later date when I’m prepared to post screenies and concept art of the characters, island, monsters, and the likes.

Well, that’s about all for today.  I’ll be posting another update tomorrow along with the Naruto manga update that will hold a some-what shocking news.  So stay tuned until then, ja ne!

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