"Sakura's Confessions" And Naruto's Reaction!?

Kishimoto-san, albeit going on a short break the previous week, did not disappoint the fans of the Naruto Manga series this week when he released the newest chapter, Chapter 469 hours earlier than its intended release.  This recent chapter, entitled, “Sakura’s Confession”, is made available for download on our VIS Manga Downloads Page and can be read via our Online Manga Viewer.

As the title suggests, Sakura finally confronts Naruto and tells him her “true” feelings with hopes that Naruto will stop chasing after Sasuke (and in a way hurting himself for her).  Naruto’s reaction is not what everyone had expected in such a scenario, however.

On the other side of the manga page (lol), the Shinobi Alliance is finally formed with the Raikage as the head.  Their goal — to stop Uchiha Madara’s plans of world domination.  Also, Killer Bee had begun his fight with the Akatsuki without the knowledge of everyone.

This chapter also shows the pathetic Danzo, who is being followed by the ninja with the Byakugan for a right eye.

Among other things, the Naruto Manga is not the only manga with an early update.  BLEACH and One Piece have also updated themselves a bit earlier (but, as usual).  Since I do not read the One Piece Manga, I don’t have any information regarding it.  However, the BLEACH manga, with it’s 380th chapter entitled, “Devil! Devil! Devil! Devil!” is something I have read already.

It’s Byakuya and Kenpachi to the rescue this time on the manga as they both join the fray against Yammy.

Anyways. As promised, there will be another post later once I get back home from work.  Until then, just enjoy yourselves with the Naruto and Bleach Mangas, okay?

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