Month: November 2009

Haruka and Watanuki's Talk…

So, it would appear that CLAMP is making it quite interesting for us as they seem to plan on making something big from where the story is going.  Hopefully, they won’t 360 the story and make a turn for the

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The End of the Hachibi?! Naruto Update!!

Although it is not yet Friday, the most recent chapter of the Naruto manga is finally up for your online manga viewing and for download.  This week’s chapter is entitled, “A Deadly Battle in an Underwater Prison”.

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Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

In a couple of days, Disney Channel Asia will air its newest and, in my opinion, the best DCOM movie they have ever aired — The Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.

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Good-bye, Smart BRO-ken!!!

In this day and age, and considering the fact that I practically grew up using the internet, it’s kind of hard to imagine a day going by without me making use of it.  Thus, for me (and I can guess

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Watanuki Grants a Wish!

After a couple of weeks of no-“CLAMPdates”, we finally get to see the newest chapter of the TRC sister-manga, xxxHolic.

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