This Is It: Micheal Jackson Would Have Done It!

2009 will be a year to remember.  It would be known as the year when the ‘King of Pop’ died an untimely death.  The year when millions upon millions of fans, whose lives have been touched by this magnificent performer, wept and grieved but at the same time, celebrated the life that is Micheal Jackson.

Jackson’s death shook the music industry like only he could do.  Yes, it could be said that he seemed eccentric to some extent.  However, he did not step on anyone to attain the fame that he had earned for himself.

His songs — songs that will be known throughout the ages and ages to come, inspired many and paved a way for music as we know today.  In a way, he is a revolutionary.  His songs were not meant only to be listened to, but also as a way for him to convey the message that he wanted to convey.  A message that one could hear if one would not only listen to his songs, but HEAR them.

When the “This Is It” documentary was announced, I knew a lot of people would be watching it.  They would, after all, want to take a glimpse at the final days of the King of Pop, and want to see what his greatest concert would have looked like — his final curtain call, as he had said it.

\”This Is It\” Trailer

It could have been one hell of a concert.  After watching the said documentary just hours ago, I can say that it would have really been Micheal’s greatest one yet!  The feeling that he should not have died and should have finished through his 50 sold out concerts still echoes through me as I remember every second of that film.  From the explosive entrance to the final frame showing MJ’s quote that says: “Love remains forever”.

One particular part of the whole film that had truly made an impact on me would have to be the “Earth Song” number.  The shots portraying the wonderful planet that we call ‘Home’.  The silent yet effective way of how it was portrayed, of how we have greedily destroyed out planet and of that little girl (known as the ‘Earth Girl’) doing her best to protect what little remained of what was once a rain forest, up to  the finale of that song with the bulldozer and MJ standing in the way as if to portray that he is (and was) stopping it from further destruction was, for me, the highlight of the whole concert.

\”Earth Song\” Original MTV

Another amazing thing they did was the “Thriller” number which had a 3D feel to it.

Throughout the movie, one would hear Micheal saying “I Love You” and “God Bless You” to his dancers, technical personnel and to Kenny Ortega.  It really showed how MJ prepared for this concert that would never happen.

I really enjoyed that film, and I could say that even those who were ‘forced’ to watch it, would think twice about criticizing it.  MJ would have done it, and I think he did.  He had placed a lid on his critics who said he would not be able to work in par with the younger dancers; who said that he would not be able to sing the way he used to; or those who said that he would not be able to finish a single concert, let alone, those 50-sold-out concerts in London.

I just hope that the message of Love that he wanted so badly to convey through this “concert”, he would be able to convey through this documentary film instead.

Hats off to you, MJ and Kenny Ortega.  It was one heck of a film.

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