Bee VS Kisame! Chapter 407 UP!!

Fridays have always been known to me, since the birth of Naruto, as Naruto-day.  Why?  Because it is the day that the Naruto Manga gets updated thanks to the valiant efforts of our friends over at SleepyFans.  As such, today, we have the newest chapter of Naruto at our hands, available for Download or to be read instantly via our OMV.

The 407th chapter of the said manga, entitled, “Killer Bee VS Kisame” does not only revolve around the fight between the Hachibi Jinchuriki and the Akatsuki member who has a deadly chakra-stealing sword but also follows upon what happened after Sakura “confessed” her “feelings” to Naruto.

If you are up for some spoilers, then continue on reading below.  However, if you would rather read manga itself rather than this post, then head over to our OMV and skip through this post.

Angered that Naruto “thinks” she is lying to herself, Sakura begins to retaliate and continues on with her plea that Naruto should forget about the promise he made to her 3 years prior to the said chapter.  Naruto then states that he is doing this not because of the promise he made but because he wishes to help Sasuke.  He was also going to tell them about Danzo and Itachi and the reason why Sasuke is doing what he is doing when he was stopped by both Kakashi and Yamamoto-sensei thinking that what they have learned should be top-secret information until they have proof that what Madara had told them is true.

On the other side of the manga panel, the Kages are now racing towards who-knows-where, possibly towards Killer Bee or Naruto’s location.

Going even farther than that panel, KillerBee and Kisame’s battle begins.  Things are looking bad for the Jinchuriki host, however, what with Kisame using his sword against him, thereby eating his chakra-imbued attacks before they could actually do any damage…

It would appear that Kishimoto-san is making his readers’ heads spin like crazy with updates like this.  Thankfully, he won’t be taking any breaks next week so we can expect another chapter release from him by then.

Moving away from the Narutoverse, let’s head over to BLEACH with it’s 381st chapter entitled, “Words Just Don’t Like You”.  Albeit VIS, at the moment, hasn’t asked permission to host the said manga series, let me at least give you guys a heads up on what this chapter is about.

The chapter begins with Ichigo prepping up to head back to earth from Hueco Mundo.  Soon after they began their journey home, Ichigo is met with a surprise upon learning that he is the only one in all worlds who is capable of standing up to Aizen.

Meanwhile, the battle at Hueco Mundo still rages on as Byakuya questions why Mayuri stayed behind rather than going with Ichigo to earth.

Back to Ichigo, he learns from Unohana that Aizen’s Shikai is the key to invoking his Kyoka Suigetsu’s powers.  What this means is that his opponent must have been able to see his Shikai in order for Aizen to use Kyoka Suigetsu fully.  This explains why Ichigo, who had not seen Aizen’s Shikai, is the only one who can face up to Aizen.

The One Piece manga has also been updated with a new chapter, however, as I have not read nor plan on reading it anytime soon, I can not say anything about it rather than fans of the series should go on ahead and read the newest chapter if they hadn’t already.

With that said, I am currently at a slump with the new project I have in mind.  I am wondering if I should use voice actors for it or not, and if I should, where can I find good voice actors to help me.  Of course, if I do have funds for this project, it would be quite easy, unfortunately, I do not have sufficient funds to hire professional VAs at the moment. *sigh*

Anyways, until the next update. Ja ne!

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