KillerBee's Tailed Beast Version 2!!

Okay, so it’s friday today and you know what that means, right?  No, I’m not hyping up because of the fact that today is the 13th of the month and is a friday.  Superstitious belief like that are of no merit to me.  I’m talking about the newest chapter of Naruto.  Chapter 471 that is now made available for online read and for download.

I’m not hyped at this chapter however, as it only seems that Kishimoto-san is prolonging the inevitable.  True enough, if you read both Bleach and Naruto, like I do, you will find that Bleach is actually moving at a faster pace (plot-wise) than everyone’s favorite ninja.

What’s in this chapter you ask?  Well, Kisame and KillerBee’s battle continues with the chapter concluding with Kisame’s transformation and dubbing himself as the ‘Tailed Beast with no Tail’, go figure.

It’s pretty much a so-so chapter for this week.  As for Bleach, Unohana-san is pretty much surprised with Ichigo’s revalation regarding his reiatsu.  What that revelation is, well, you guys would have to read that for yourselves as I am not in the mood to spoil that part.  Also, Bleach will be on hiatus next week, meaning no new chapters for a week.  If you are also a HunterXHunter fan, you would be pleased to know that the manga would resume sometime before or on january.

With that said, I’m going to turn this post over short.  Until my next update, ja ne!

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