Good-bye, Smart BRO-ken!!!

In this day and age, and considering the fact that I practically grew up using the internet, it’s kind of hard to imagine a day going by without me making use of it.  Thus, for me (and I can guess the same could be said by anyone), it’s very important that the internet connection be fast, reliable, affordable, and has a friendly help service.  The aforementioned traits are those which Smart BRO fails to give its consumers.

We have been Smart BRO users for (more or less) a year now, and throughout that time we have experienced slow and choppy connections as well as a very poor help service from the said provider.  My dad, whose office is near the PLDT/Smart building, usually goes there to inquire of the poor reception usually goes home empty handed.   My dad usually gets the “We’ll call you” answer from their help desk.  Quite pathetic really.

And, when the call actually does arrive some one to two months later, they’re already too late to do anything as the problem has come and gone but, inevitably returns after a couple of weeks.  It’s quite frustrating, and I am sure there are a lot who share that sentiment with the said service provider.

With that said, after about a year of frustrations from poor service, my dad finally agreed to have our Smart Bro(ken) internet connection cut off as soon as we installed a new service provider — and this one is quite a shocker for me.

We were supposed to get the new GLOBE Broadband connection, however, my dad decided to get the Fiber Optic’s Broadband Internet connection from CAT-V.  It’s the one I’m using right now and its speed is by far superior from our previous ISP.  Of course, it has only just been installed so we still need to keep an eye out for the speed if it would continue to be this fast… I, for one, absolutely hope so.  I don’t want to be frustrated when it comes to our internet connection.

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