Watanuki Grants a Wish!

After a couple of weeks of no-“CLAMPdates”, we finally get to see the newest chapter of the TRC sister-manga, xxxHolic.

In this latest chapter, Watanuki receives payment after being able to complete the blind shamisen player’s wish. I’m not going to spoil as to how the conversation between the two went on.

This chapter does not only make a us take a glimpse on how Watanuki had been accepting payments prior to this recent request but also on what the price is whenever he receives too much or too little for a payment.

Also, we also read news of where Syaoran and the rest of the group (who are traveling across dimensions) are now at — Piffle.  Also, Kurogane gets a new arm, according to Watanuki’s dream where he met with Syaoran.  Of course, we do not see this in panel but read about it whilst Watanuki is talking with Black Mokona.

The last panel is what really caught my attention.  It has some words of great wisdom from Blackk Mokona, yet again.  Well, that’s about all for now.  Be sure to check back later for more manga updates!

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