Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

In a couple of days, Disney Channel Asia will air its newest and, in my opinion, the best DCOM movie they have ever aired — The Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.

Those who have been tuning in on Disney Channel will have caught a glimpse of the said movie and will see that it beats Highschool Musical by a mile. Cinematography and Plot are both superior to the musical movie that Disney had made quite a lot of money off.

This movie, shows how great a TV Movie could be and how far producers can go should they really want a family-friendly movie that has a decent story, amazing twists, incredible revelations and a fair rating for animation and graphics. But, enough about that, let’s take a quick peek at the movie, shall we?

For those who are wondering… Yes, I have watched the movie and can prove it if dared to.  Anyways, the movie opens up with Alex (played by one of the Disney Princesses, Selena Gomez) decides to take a look at what Justin (David Henrie) has inside of his bag.  Of course, this backfires and Alex ends up getting caught in one of Justin’s traps.

While Alex gets some well-deserve lecturing from her mother, Theresa (Maria Canals-Barera), Harper comes in. This confuses Alex’s parents who then questions what Harper is doing there at their house.  It is there that Alex reveals that she wants to go to a party where everyone has been invited and hopes that she would be permitted to go and stay with Harper’s while her family goes on their usual family vacation.

The answer, of course, was a ‘No’.  This made Alex angry but unable to do anything, made a  ‘promise’ that she will stay inside the building.  Of course, we all know Alex… she did keep her promise not to leave the building but, with the party still in mind, Alex enchants the train-shaped building they have for a restaurant and zoom she and Harper went.

Of course, we can guess how that went.  Alex’s plan backfires and she ends up being saved by Justin from being squished by a dead end.  Just when Justin was bragging on his perfect save, the train gets wrecked and in comes the parents.  Not wanting anything to do with it, Harper went bye-bye and Justin points the blame on his younger sister’s direction.

As punishment, Alex and her siblings get banned from using magic in their vacation with their father, Jerry (David DeLuise) locking away their wands.

Angry with the punishment, Alex grumbles away in their vacation.  The anger issues went haywire when she gets caught by Theresa trying to magic her way to another party that an older boy had asked her to come to.  This is when Alex makes a wish that she didn’t mean to wish for — that her parents never have met.

Wishes have bad effects in them, as like all wishes, Alex’s has it’s share as well.  Not only does their parents not remember them, but they are also in danger of vanishing within 48 hours! Not only that, but along the way, they are also prone to losing their memories — something that would happen slowly but surely.

The only way that they can reverse the spell is by the use of the Stone of Dreams — a magical stone that can grant any wish, just one, however.  And so, with the hopes of attaining the stone and mending the great disaster that Alex had caused, Justin and Alex ventures forth in a grand adventure that will put their bonds to the test and ultimately bring them face to face against each other in a much earlier wizard duel than expected.

I won’t post the complete story here as that would be a SUPER spoiler.  Anyways, enjoy the pics from the movie.  Maybe get your imaginations going as to what those pics are. ^__^

All I can say is that this is the BEST DCOM movie EVER!!! Selena Gomez is really great in this film!

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2 comments on “Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie
  1. Kiri says:

    I loved this movie! It made me teary when Alex (Selena) was crying.
    Oh, and actually it’s David Henrie, not Jason Henrie. ;D

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