The End of the Hachibi?! Naruto Update!!

Although it is not yet Friday, the most recent chapter of the Naruto manga is finally up for your online manga viewing and for download.  This week’s chapter is entitled, “A Deadly Battle in an Underwater Prison”.

Such a long title with so little to tell save for the fact that Samehada and Akatsuki’s Kisame’s combined form is fearful to a degree.  A slight twist happens in the end however, one that I intend not to spoil everyone by telling you guys what it is.  Just read it to find out.

This chapter solely revolves around that fight and that fight alone, which makes it (for me, at least) quite a boring chapter.  Maybe I’m just losing interest in the manga because of how Kishimoto-san is dragging it way too much.

Unfortunately, only Naruto and One Piece are updated.  The last member of the Manga Power Triad, Bleach, has yet to unleash it’s recent chapter for the public.

Well, that’s about it for now.  I’ll update again as soon as Bleach is out.  If you are a Detective Conan fan then you can also check out the latest chapter entitled, “White Tiger”.  It’s another battle between Conan-kun and Kaito Kid.

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