Naruto 474 Update! Sai Speaks Up!!

Okay.   I would have to say, I give a big KUDOS to SleepyFans for such a quick, yet accurate, translation for the BLEACH, One Piece, and of course, Naruto Mangas.  I’m just going to go over two of the Power Trio really quick.  Of course, with that said, Naruto Manga chapter 474 is now available for online reading and download.  Just head over to our OMV and/or the VIS Downloads Page respectively to get your weekly dose of Naruto.

First up.  Naruto.  It’s Sai’s turn to speak up as he tells Naruto what Konoha has agreed upon with regards to the traitor Sasuke (“fans” “fondly” call him, SasuGAY. Love it!! lol).  He tells Naruto that Sakura hadn’t spoken her mind entirely and that she did not come all the way just to confess her feelings for him.  But rather, what Sakura had originally planned was to tell Naruto that they (Konoha) have agreed to go after Sasuke with the intent of killing him.  However, seeing as how Naruto was still SasuGAY’s (really love the Sasuke bashing) faithful friend, she decided to take matters in her own hands by dealing (meaning killing) SasuGAY by herself.

Of course, this shocks Naruto as he wonders out loud why Sakura would do that considering that she is still inlove with the said traitor/avenger/murderer/darkness-lover.  Sai tells Naruto that it is her way of amending for putting Naruto in such a situation where he is filled with grief and hurt and says that it is precisely because Sakura loves SasuGAY that she could not bear to see him go into darkness any longer.

On another note, everyone (and by everyone, I mean everyone present at that conversation) agrees, after hearing from Gaara and his crew, to make Kakashi the Hokage for now considering what Danzo-baka did.  On top of that, Gaara swears to protect Naruto at the cost of his own life saying that even if SasuGAY were to attack him (Naruto), Gaara would not think twice in giving his all in protecting Naruto even if it means that he ends up killing SasuGAY.  He also tells the conflicted Naruto that if he wishes to become a Hokage he has to go follow the path that his heart feels is right.  Cliche, yet true.

Meanwhile, Danzo faces up against Madara and it seems that apart from the Sharingan that he has, Danzo has another secret weapon that he is about to showcase to everyone in the next chapter, provided that Kishimoto-san decides not to prolong the manga any longer.

On the BLEACH side of things, Tosen finally shows the world what he is capable of doing with the newest update of the said manga entitled, ” Can’t Fear Your Own Sword!” where he uses a Hollowfication to fight against his ex-comrades.

It’s quite amazing how, even with few amounts of chapter, as opposed with Naruto, BLEACH manages to create a solid story without making the readers feel like it’s just dragging on and on and on and on… you get the idea.

It would also appear now that everyone is defending Ichigo’s ability (being able to do a Hollowfication himself).  This is evident when Tosen wonders aloud why he is despised with his Hollowfication yet Ichigo is not and when Komamura says that it is because Ichigo did not wish for his Hollowfication and he (Tosen) did. He futher states that Tosen has fallen, not because of his desire to have Hollow powers and become stronger, but because he choose a path where he abandons and betrays his friends, his troops, and his allies.

A flashback regarding the good old days with Hisagi and Tosen is also shown in this chapter.  You have to read the manga in order to learn what the flashback is about, hehehe. I’m not in the mood to spoil you guys that much.  All I can say is that, that flashback has one of the most amazing conversations/quotation that you can find in all the updates we have this week.

Of course, the characters in this manga are now falling like flies. Sheesh, one has to wonder if there would be any characters left when this whole fray with Aizen is over.

Anyways, I know I have not updated this place for a while thanks to the numerous problems being posed by my webhost.  It would take a while to fix, however, we may end up moving the blog to a different subdomain than the one we are currently using now, which is the subdomain.  I will post an update when (and if) the move is going to occur and where the new site would be at.  Also, a technical problem forced a deletion of the GLITCH website (the games download site that I have).  This forced deletion also caused the files to go bye-bye.  Fret not however as I have begun to remake the site (it can still be found at

With that said, I have to bid ‘ja ne’ for now.  Be sure to stay tuned later (by later I do mean later later or later tomorrow) for an update with regards to my new game project, RaVe: Wielder of the EisenMeteor (tentative title).

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